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Using Condoms

Condoms will not protect you from every STD or pregnancy in every situation. Some women are severely allergic to many spermacides or latex. Some men have penises that are so small that no condom will stay on. Some men are not able to keep an erection while using a condom. Some women don't like the feel of the latex inside them.
Some couples will not have intercourse unless you use a condom. Some couples will not perform oral sex without a condom or latex barrier. Some women are not able to use any other type of birth control.

Many couples that have known other couples for a long time will have unprotected sex, but might ask you to put on a condom because you are a new partner for them. Typically we have seen 50% of couples use condoms and 50% not use condoms. What ever your preference, be sure BOTH of you as a couple agree on the same choice, if you are not sure "PLAY SAFE". If you prefer or choose not to use condoms, at least be prepared to use them for other couples that request it! If you are not prepared to use condoms for another partner that requests it, you will have to find another willing partner.

How To Ask Couples About Safe Sex

Swingers are not shy to talk about sex and safe sex is no different. It is important that both of you discuss your safe sex practices before you go to a club. Simply state that you and your partner believe that using condoms is a must for lifestyle couples. Ask how they think about the subject. You will be surprised that many couples have not come to a mutual agreement between each other on the subject if they are a new couple. All experienced couples will tell you if they use condoms or prefer not to. Once both of you have made a commitment to use condoms, don't break this commitment on any persons dislike of your choice.

Safe sex is a personal choice, but when it concerns you and your partner, you must be in agreement before joining the swinging lifestyle. Many couples prefer not to use condoms because the enjoy the feel of all the natural skin and body fluids and for other different reasons including allergies to lubricants and some latex products, but will respect your choice over theirs if your choice is safer! Always be prepared with condoms. If you want to have safe sex and your new partner claims they forgot to bring a condom, you will be prepared. We always do our best to have lots of condoms available for you at The 4Play Club, but we do ask that you bring your own or help donate some extra condomints to our candy jars.

In the end, it is your decision to wrap or not to wrap!
It never hurts to play safe!

You might feel silly wearing one, but always respect the wishes of your partner and new partners!

If you prefer not to use condoms, remember to clean up between partners. If you can get pregnant and prefer not to use condoms, be sure to only get together sexually with men that have had a vasectomy, and ensure that your partner has washed thoroughly after being with another lady. If your male partner has just had intercourse with another lady and this lady has some active sperm still inside her from a previous partner at the same party, it could pass to you on your partners penis if he did not clean himself.

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