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How Is Swinging Legal

Having sex among consenting adults is legal and has been for a very long time. Many couples have the impression that swinging or sharing partners for sexual activities is against the law! Nothing could be further from the truth. Singles can have sex with a different partner every night or the cheating partner playing with many different partners is legal. Having sex with multiple partners or different partners in a group or private is also legal.

Soliciting or selling sex for money or paying for sex is illegal! Clubs are no different and it is against the law to solicit the public to join a sex club! This is why clubs have screening processes and keep their clubs private. If you are inviting the general public or anyone right off the street to your home or club, this can be considered as operating a common bawdy house. There is no law we know of that limits the number of personal friends you can invite to your home or a private party! Keeping your club closed to the public is paramount, otherwise anyone off the street could just walk in.

As an example all strip clubs or bars are open to the public and anyone can enter the club right off the street. Swing clubs are not open to the public! There are many different types of clubs and you must apply for membership or pass different screening processes in order to be invited to join the private club. Membership at swing clubs is a privilege and not a right!

Liquor laws are very strict about selling booze and sexual activities. You need a liquor license to sell alcohol. Forcing someone to do anything they do not want to do is also illegal. Using drugs is also illegal and you will see all swing clubs forbid drugs and will terminate any membership if this rule is broken! In the swinging lifestyle, alcohol or drugs don't mix with sex.

Just a reminder to stay Clean & Sober!

No swing club will ever offer a guarantee of sexual fulfillment for your membership fee or entrance fee at the door. Swinging is a personal choice, an agreement between two or more consenting adults to engage in some form of sexual play. Not all swingers will engage in intercourse! Everyone enjoys swinging at different levels. Every couple or single will get turned down in the swinging lifestyle and this is normal, not everyone is a match.

All donations received at private house parties go towards paying for the food, munchies, condoms, toilet paper, rented XXX movies or satellite programing, garbage bags, air freshener, soap, towels, napkins, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic knives and forks, web site hosting, telephone expenses, flyers, advertising, etc. Most private parties that we know of, typically operate at a loss! Typically the host and hostess are very active in the lifestyle and the private parties offered in their home are for the enjoyment of their hobby. If the private house parties cost the host or hostess $ 50.00 - $ 150.00 extra every month, this is a very inexpensive hobby compared to most other hobbies.

Why Are Some Clubs Getting Raided ?

There are a few reasons for this one. The police have a very tough job to do and must respond to certain complaints. Some disgruntle members will call the police to complain about a bar fight going on and the police must respond to the complaint of fights in bars or guns, drugs, etc. Once the police investigate the complaint and find out there is no fight etc. at the club or bar, they leave! But the damage has already been done, because the word gets out that the club or bar was raided by the police. Be careful if you make a false report to the police, because charges could end up in your lap for making a false report!

Some couples enter into the lifestyle with one partner being dragged into or pushed into the lifestyle. If they try the lifestyle and find they don't like it, in some cases the other partner tells them that they will continue to play in the lifestyle without them and this causes some major problems in the marriage and with the clubs. Couples who do not equally agree or enjoy the swinging lifestyle should never attempt to stay in it to save a marriage.

Some singles and couples get refused membership due to lies, cheating, different partners, sexual diseases, aggressive behavior, etc. and this can cause terrible complaints against clubs including law suits. All clubs do their best to create a safe environment for couples to play and feel comfortable. There are predators in the swinging lifestyle and members who drink to excess or use drugs are not welcome in any club environment.

Don't take out your frustrations against a club or private group if you have been turned down for membership. The police forces do not appreciate you wasting their time on complaints of this nature. The police must also investigate any complaints of rape. The number ONE rule in swinging is NO MEANS NO at any time and any place in the swinging lifestyle. If you break this rule in swinging, you don't deserve membership in any club at any time and will usually be bared indefinitely.

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