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Finding A Match

When most people go shopping for groceries, they have a grocery list. When most swingers go to clubs they have a list or description of the types of couples that they would prefer to match up with first. Remember that if you are going shopping for apples, that there are many types of apples out there. You might have a Delicious apple on your list, but you might only see Granny Smith's in the store. It might not be your favorite apple, but all apples taste pretty good! It is very important that you not set your sights too high looking for a perfect couple. You are looking for an erotic evening or a new sexual experience, not a life long partner couple to call your own.

BE HONEST! Many couples that are looking for a second female to form a threesome will tell many couples that they are looking for a couple, but in reality were only looking for a second female player. This type of activity is what couples refer to as HEAD GAMES. Don't play head games with other couples. If you are looking for a male or female only to join in for a threesome, you will be very surprised on how many people are willing to help you out, once they get to know you.

Tell new couples your first names and that you are looking for other couples who are interested in the swinging aspect of the lifestyle. If they are not swingers, ask them if they know of any swingers at the club. The owners of most clubs will know the different likes and dislikes of couples at their club and are the quickest road map to finding the types of couples you are looking for.

If you are looking for swing couples and are sitting with a couple that are only out for an erotic evening, it is not improper to excuse yourselves and tell them it was nice meeting them. If you are interested in dancing with them, let them know that you would be interested in a dance later if they would like to. If you are looking for apples, you don't sit down in the bread section hoping the bread will turn into apples. Many clubs will have ice breaker games to encourage both of you to mingle amongst the crowd and hopefully meet couples that might interest both of you.

How To Ask For Advice On Swinging

Talk with couples that have been there, done that and got many T-shirts. Not everyone will be into the same things or fetishes you are, but you will find it much easier talking about sex with strangers than your next door neibour. Swinging is not like becoming a doctor. It takes many years to become an experienced doctor, but experienced swingers come in many ages.
Some young swingers in their early 20's may have much more experience at swinging than someone who has just started swinging at age 45. We have seen some young adults get their parents into swinging and we have seen some parents introduce their adult children into the swinging lifestyle. There is a great deal of information on the internet, but you never know how honest the information can be. Don't be afraid to ask the same question of a few swingers.

There are forums for swinging on the Internet, many club members and owners who can help. There are hundreds of swing clubs out there, get informed before you play.

Don't Waste Your Time And Money!

We see many new couples attending different functions or parties, spending their hard earned money and looking for the perfect match, while staying away from all the groups and sitting the evening alone. It is important that you find a couple that makes you feel comfortable, but don't set your requirements too high. The nice thing about meeting new couples is variety. Open your fantasies to different sizes, shapes, colours etc. If you are looking for the perfect Ken & Barbie, you could spend a great deal of time and money to find the perfect looking couple and find out that there is no personality behind the perfect figure.

It helps a great deal if you join in with small groups. If you are not an out going couple, at least sit opposite each other. This will allow other couples a good impression that you are looking for another couple to join you. Many new couples will sit beside each other for close comfort and support, but they do not realize that it is a very protective posture and will turn away many other couples. When you sit apart, it provides an open space for a new couple to sit close to each of you. If things work out well, you will be close enough to hold hands, caress each other or get up for dances without feeling awkward.

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