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What To Bring Or Wear

It is very important that you wear clothes that are comfortable for both of you. Don't feel pressured to dress in anything sexy or provocative. Most clubs have a dress code that restricts the wear of blue jeans. A nice dress or skirt and blouse for the ladies and a pair of nice slacks and dressy shirt for the men is all that is needed.

You will benefit greatly if you bring or wear clothes that are a bit sexy or revealing. Many couples will bring a changes of clothes with them in a small travel hand bag. Even if you don't feel like wearing them, you should be prepared with some sexy clothes if the mode changes during the evening.

Clean up before you go to any party!

Most couples feel more at ease as the night goes on and seeing the other couples in revealing or sexy outfits can make you feel excited to change outfits and join right in. Be prepared for these possibilities and you will never feel disappointed because you did not plan for it. Many couples have told us that they wish they had brought a sexy outfit to change into after seeing most of the other couples changing into sexy lingerie or similar sexy outfits at the club.

Bring A Travel Bag To Private Parties

Many swingers that attend many private parties or On Premise clubs will put together a small travel bag with many needed items. You never know if you are going to meet a new couple and be invited to their home or you decide to stay overnight in a hotel or at the party location. Be prepared for all of the possibilities and you won't be disappointed.

Some important items to bring include, a change of underwear, toothbrush, hairbrush, condoms, notebook for addresses and phone numbers, lingerie, breath freshener, cologne or perfume, change of clothes, spare set of keys, deodorant, your favorite lubricant or baby oil etc.

You can save a great deal of time and effort if you prepare small cards with your names and contact numbers on it. If you meet an exciting couple that wishes to keep in touch or get together with you at a later date, all you need do is give them one of your contact cards.

Bring Food, Munchies or Drinks To FREE Parties

If you are ever invited to attend FREE functions such as private parties, BBQ's, pool parties etc., be sure you bring something to add to the party. Some couples donate a bottle of wine, others will bring a desert or munchies. It is always nice to bring someone you can eat or munch on.

If there are leftovers or your donation to the party did not get used, it is polite to leave it for the hosts of the party. If all you brought was one bag of chips and it did not get used, leave it for the next party or for the hosts to use. Many couples that host FREE parties spend a great deal of time and money on phone calls, toilet paper, towels, ice cubes, cups, napkins, cleaning up after the party, condoms, mouth wash and many other items that make a party a success.


Bring your own bottle to almost all parties. Many clubs and most private parties operate on this principle. There are many restrictions on operating with a liquor license.

Bring small bottles with you that you know you will use at a party, such as a small bottle of wine or a few coolers or a few bottles of beer. Many couples like to have a drink to feel more at ease or comfortable at parties. Most swingers do not drink a great deal. Excess drinking will take away a great deal of your performance, memory and politeness when dealing with your partner or new partners. Many couples will have one alcoholic drink at most when attending private parties.

Both men and women have no patience for a drunk man or women who is slobbering all over them. You will definitely have much more fun if you can remember the evening and get home safely.

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