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Rules & Etiquette

Policies and Procedures, Conduct and Rules may vary between Clubs. Following the rules are an effective way to make yourself welcome within the swinging community. Please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the club you wish to attend. The following are general guidelines that are common in most clubs. Most etiquette in swinging is just common sense, but some rules and suggestions you may not have thought about.

The Cardinal Rule: The Cardinal Rule is "No" means "No". Please respect the rights an feelings and comfort level of others and their spouse or partner. You will be asked to leave any club if you violate this rule. A new partner will usually refuse your advances if you are too pushy. You must respect other peoples wishes when they say "no thank you". You will be expecting the same courtesy from others if you decide to say "no thank you".
Drugs and Alcohol: Illegal drugs are not welcome at any swinging environment. In many clubs, you can bring your own alcohol, and they will write your name on your bottle and keep it for you. Do not expect a full service bar at a club, as most do not have liquor license and therefore can not serve alcohol.

Hygienic: Be Clean and Disease free. Remember to bathe or shower before attending events. Body odors can be a quick way to end your fun. If you play with another partner, please wash up before playing with another.

Be neat: When you are done using an area, don't forget to clean up after yourself. Try to keep your clothes, shoes, and jewelry in one place. We recommend that you leave any expensive jewelry home.

Condoms a must: It is up to us to protect ourselves as well as our partners. With the present concern over sexually transmitted diseases the use of condoms should not offend anybody. Condom use is expected by most swingers. If you are careful, you can keep the risk low, though Sexually Transmitted Diseases are always a possibility.
Be Prepared: Always be prepared for a party or club. Bring anything you may need. A small gym bag full of things is appropriate. Items we recommend include toiletries, towels, condoms, and a change of clothes. You may also want to bring some "sexy lingerie" if you are not planning to wear any under your clothes. It is also helpful if you have some printed papers or cards with your first names and a contact phone number if you meet a couple that you would like to keep in touch with.

House Parties: When attending a private party in a home, please remember that it is someone's home and conduct yourselves accordingly. Please follow guidelines pertaining to smoking, drinking, parking, play areas etc.
R.S.V.P: Like any party, if you are invited, it is considered proper etiquette to reply as soon as you decide whether or not you will be attending. If it is a couples only club or party, it is not proper to show up without your partner.

Bring Something: Never show up empty handed to a private party. Ask ahead if you are unsure of what to bring. A beverage or food item is most common. For a home, you may even consider candles or flowers.

Room use: Whether you are at a private party, or at a club, know the room rules. Doors are never to be locked, though some may be designated as "private", "semi-private", or "open". Just because you go in an open room does not mean that you have to join in. It also does not mean that just anyone can party with you. Remember, you can say no, even in an open room.

Discretion: So what happens if you see someone you know at a club or a party? Don't worry about it. Most likely they are not going to say anything. After all - YOU saw them too. If you do talk to them, don't ask "personal" questions that they might not want others to know.

You and Your Partner: Most important, have a good time, act out your fantasies, explore your own sexuality and enjoy everything this lifestyle has to offer with enthusiasm, laughter and a positive attitude. You are there to have the best of times and to share the uninhibited enjoyment with those who have discovered a new dimension in their lifestyles. Don't hesitate to introduce yourselves to other people. You'll find them eager to welcome you. Remember the comfort level and feelings of your spouse and other partners. Communicate your feelings with your spouse and your new sexual partners.

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