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Operate A Swing Club

Are you frustrated in finding swing couples in your area?
Are you only meeting couples that are pushing a partner or jealous?
Are there no swing clubs in your area?
Are you traveling long distances to find a swing club?

There are many different reasons that couples will start a swing club. We get asked many questions about starting a club, that we felt it important to create a page full of helpful information if you have been thinking about it.

Getting together with your friends and neighbors can be a lot of fun.
A very exciting part about swinging is a variety of playmates.
Operating a local swing club can help increase your selection of couples.

Can You Handle The Truth About Swinging?
People share partners sexually!!!

All of the most successful swing clubs require a web site with all of today's technology. There are a number of web servers that will offer free web sites, including adult content, but you are required to allow them to advertise with banner ads on your free site. Many clubs will start with a free web site until their club gets off the ground and can afford the expense of a domain name and web hosting fees.

Your costs of operating a swing club will be greatly increased if you wish to operate a club as a business instead of a hobby. If you decide to operate as a business, all of your costs will be tax deductible and any revenues will be taxable income.
What Type of Club Should You Operate

The type of lifestyle club you operate has a great deal to do with the population in your local and surrounding area and also how conservative or liberal the people in your area are known to be.

If you live in a city with less than 100,000 people, you will have great difficulty in finding enough couples for an on premise club, but should have enough couples interested and curious to operate an off premise club. On premise clubs are possible if you are within a two hour drive of a population base of near 1 Million people. If you live in an surrounding area with less than 100,000 people, you should only consider starting and operating an off premise club only!

Off premise clubs will attract the largest number and variety of couples looking for many different things in the adult lifestyle. Many new couples entering the lifestyle will take time to feel comfortable and willing to experiment more at private parties etc.
Advertising Your New Club

It is very important that you consider all the different types and locations of advertising available to you. The internet is a must with today's technology. Your local adult sex shops, adult video stores, lifestyle magazines or newspapers and most important is word of mouth.

The smaller your population base, you must consider using all the available advertising media available. Many other web sites, including ours will be willing to assist and help advertise your new club free of charge. There are hundreds of web sites that are key to getting the word out about your club.
Patience & Consistency Is Critical

All new clubs take time to establish a viable base of member couples. Many get togethers will be one or two couples, so you can't let the poor attendance in the first year get you depressed or worried about if the club will succeed or not. It takes time to establish any new club. What is important, that you advertise properly and be consistent in your operating dates. Don't cancel parties due to low attendance or only a few reservations. All clubs must go through a growing period. Many couples lead very busy lives and are not able to attend every party for many different reasons such as work, family, ladies cycles, emergencies etc.

You will eventually attract more and more couples from the outlying areas due to your regularity of functions and curiosity. Our club only started with three couples and in less than three years we are now over 200+ member couples. Not every couple attends every event, that is why you need to offer a consistent party date, so that couples can plan on attending your events. Many couples might only be able to attend one or two of your events a year. We get many couples willing to travel a few hours to attend our parties and a few couples have traveled 15 hours to attend our events. We even travel long distances once or twice a year to visit friends and family ourselves. If there is a club in the area of our travels, it is nice to stop and meet new couples from a different area.
Screen & Qualify Your Members

It is very important that you have some form of screening for membership. Other couples that attend your events will be counting on your efforts to ensure their safety and enjoyment at your functions, which should be free of pushy people, cheating husbands and wives, singles pretending to be married or a couple.

Don't be afraid of asking other club owners for their criteria or screening processes. You can also search the internet and see for yourself first hand how other clubs screen their members.

You will need to have a great deal of patience and understanding as club operators that every person and couple is different and this variety is very important in all clubs. If you only accept couples that match strict size, age, and looks criteria, you will be setting up for certain failure. The smaller your population base, the more accepting you must be and open to different types of relationships out there today. Many couples are common law or have big differences in age, size, colour, etc.
Set & Enforce All The Club Rules

As club operators, it is your duty and responsibility to be honest with all club members and enforce the club rules when required.
Membership in all private clubs is a privilege and not a right.
Ensure all members submit a membership application or sign a waiver before attending your club events.
You must make it clear and understood that their might be nudity etc. at your club and these types of activities will not offend anyone.
Even one upset or disgruntled member can make life miserable for club operators or club members.
Check out the rules of other clubs and ensure you apply the rules that are required and common sense for your club.
Punishment should fit the crime. Some rules should be unbreakable, such as NO means NO and other rules need some flexibility with one warning etc. If a person breaks a rule, there must be consequences.
Couples also need to feel comfortable in bringing complaints forward to you as club operators.
Location Location Location
It is extremely important that you choose a location that is not easily accessible or viewed by the general public.
Couples need to feel comfortable in the location you choose.
New couples will be very nervous and will not visit your club if the location is widely advertised or the general public will see them entering a location in sexy outfits etc.
Most clubs will rent an out of the way location in an industrial park or secluded private home, or a quite place on a highway out of town etc.
Many clubs will not give out their location unless a couple completes and passes some form of screening process.

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