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Swinging In The 21st Century

The swinging lifestyle has come a long way during the past fifty years. Swinging has become quite a common topic in the past several years as new sexually active couples are taking a serious interest in exploring such a sexually liberated lifestyle. If you or your partner have been curious about adding an extra partner or couple to your sexual playtime, this website is a how to guide for the curious, first time or beginner couple, as well as a comprehensive database and play area for the more experienced lifestyle couple.

Are you sexually active at home and want to spice things up?

You are not alone! Almost all couples will want to venture into something new in any sexual relationship. Most couples will experiment in many different areas before considering the swinging lifestyle as the added catalyst to a great relationship. All couples have different fantasies that lead to voyeurism, exhibitionism and a great deal of experimentation leading up to bigger and bolder fantasies that include a third person or couple joining in on their playtime.

The swinging lifestyle is not for every person or couple. It does take a strong and healthy sexual relationship to truly enjoy the activities that the swinging lifestyle offers. Our guide on the swinging lifestyle will help you determine if it is right for you.

The Swinging Lifestyle

This lifestyle is not for every person or couple and many couples will venture in and out of swinging many times during their lifetime. There has been a very large increase of couples who are curious or have entered the swinging lifestyle over the past few years and the internet has enabled many couples to connect with others who have similar interests in sex or sexual play.

If this is your first time reading about the swinging lifestyle, this web site was created with a primary focus of informing new couples about all the aspects of the lifestyle and empowering them with the information to help them enjoy the lifestyle safely and achieving the most fun out of it. We truly believe that you will find this web site on swinging, the most comprehensive guide to swinging on the Internet!

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